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Airline Guitar Project

A London based client for whom I carried out restorations before, arrived at the workshop one day and produced this old warped guitar and asked me what I thought. I said immediately I didn't think I could restore it as it was too far gone.

"No", he said "I want you to make me one".

I was able to salvage the scratch plate and knobs and I got the pickup covers and bridge cover re-chromed. I had the pickups re-wound.

I made the body and neck out of mahogony and used rosewood for the fingerboard.

When deciding on the colour i asked my client who said he was looking for a good 60s colour and would send me a swatch. A few days later I received through the post a package with a chocolate and lime sweet with a little note....This is the colour I want. I managed to achieve it using a mixture of acrylic paint and pearlised ink from the local art shop.

I recreated the Airline Logo using freehand and then making a transfer.

I think you'll agree it all came out pretty well and is a good example of what can we can do.